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Debt Recovery

Our debt recovery service has increased substantially over the last 10 years and we now act for a considerable number of larger UK firms and financial institutions to recover outstanding accounts. We also help the smaller businesses, who are usually hit the hardest by "slow payers". We deal with demand letters, issue of proceedings, obtaining judgement and enforcement procedures. The popular view is that the law favours the debtor but with referral to us and patient persistence, the results can be surprising.

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Civil Litigation

This involves proceedings in the Civil Courts. If you have suffered loss, damage or injury, then you may be entitled to compensation. The expense of proceedings can often be inhibitive but from an initial interview, we can often give an indication of the strength or weakness of your case and we can also advise and obtain legal expenses insurance or Legal Aid, as appropriate, to help to cover your costs in going to Court.  We regularly instruct senior and junior Barristers in this work and have much confidence in our colleagues at the Bar. In our experience, most civil litigation cases are settled before coming to Court.

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We can help at all stages in buying and selling a house including arranging mortgage finance. We also deal with commercial property including purchases, sales and leases and we act for builders and developers in dwelling house and apartment developments, shops, offices and other business constructions.

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Employment Law

We can advise employers and employees on their rights and obligations including matters of redundancy and unfair dismissal, issuing and defending cases before the Employment Tribunal.

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Family Law & Matrimonial

There is considerable trauma and distress associated with marital and partnership breakdown. We aim to deal with this situation in a sensitive and sensible way - not rushing into litigation if negotiation and discussion will give results. We deal with separations, divorce, adoption, custody and access disputes and voluntary or private separation agreements not involving Court appearances. We work closely with the Family Law Barristers based at the High Court in Belfast.

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Wills, Trusts & Probate

Clients are often hesitant to discuss making a Will, perhaps from superstition. The absence of a Will is often the source of bitter and prolonged family disputes. Considerable Inheritance Tax can be saved by careful rearrangement of affairs, setting up of Lifetime Trusts and in the drafting of a Will. Often, in this type of work, we work in close association with the client's accountant or a specialist consultant when necessary for the purpose of giving you a better service.

Following death, we deal with all aspects of administration of the deceased's estate, distributing assets and winding up affairs. 

We can act as professional Trustees and hold assets on Trust for children until they come of age to inherit.

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Management of Patients' Affairs

We can prepare Enduring Powers of Attorney so that you can have the comfort of knowing who will look after your affairs if you can't.

For those who are not able to manage their affairs, we have a complete service for management of affairs including referral to the Office of Care and Protection and practical assistance in financial arrangements for the care of those who are no longer able.

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Criminal Law

This area of law covers a wide range from traffic offences to fraud and murder.

All prosecutions start at the local Magistrate's Court and, depending on how serious the offence is, can move to the Crown Court.

We can give representation in respect of any offence and instruct Barristers specialising in Criminal Law to give you full representation. Legal Aid is generally available for those who can not afford representation.

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Business & Company Matters

We deal with business purchases and sales, from the sole trader to the larger companies and with corporate mergers and acquisitions. When necessary, we will instruct and act in conjunction with corporate consultants to give you a more professional and efficient service.

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Notarial Services

Our senior partner is also a Notary Public and notarial services are offered world wide (excepting USA & Canada)

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